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He ended up ferrying the bikini bike wash girls into town at 9am, and then me and Blondie at noon. Danica collins tits. Keep in mind that I was wearing a rather provocative outfit consisting of not much more than is required by law, and of course fishnet stockings.

A conversation with the leader of the free motorcycling world. Naked in sturgis. I hope to head that was soon, but the kiddies have to grow up a bit first.

Well, sure enough, it was bound to happen and it did — a couple of the other girls ended up meeting some stupid skeevy biker punks, getting drunk, and going for a ride. They drank and partied even harder than the out-of-towners, and were very generous with their tips, too — although not many bothered to stick them in my ass.

This wasn't dog shit, it smelled like booze poos and disappointment. Aug 11, 3. We were nursing hangovers from the previous night's festivities, just playing cards and drinking coffee. Redwood Rally Wet T-Shirt 23 pictures. Thank dog there was a grocery store right across the street, so I was able to stock up on orange juice and Vitamin C and stuff, and I eventually got better. PootangPieSauceAug 11, First day of work.

He looked at me and said, "I make no promises; I am wearing a kilt, after all! We had heard that on the last day of the rally, most of the bikers would already be headed out of town, and the crowd in the saloon would mostly be locals…so we expected it to be kind of a slow night, like in Vegas whenever cheap-ass locals come out.

Aug 11, 9. Brittany cage nude. They had a big 2 room tent setup with 3 people in it Tom, Jane and Joe honestly I can't remember their names lol Jane wakes up and feels someone between her and her husband Joe. But the others were there to party — even though that was the one thing Craig insisted we not do.

The streets are choked with bikers: She eventually met an Australian man at the Rally and married him. Poor Craig had to come pick us up at 1am every night, and it was really wearing on him, you could tell. Up around 10am, shower and coffee and get ready. Besides all of that, they were basically slobs, and. August 16, at 7: Leave for Sturgis around noon, then work from 1pm-1am solid.

He also put us all up for free in his condo in nearby Spearfish. Male feminists lol Don't try too hard. AngryXenomorphAug 11, A dude on a motorcycle goes by our camp, and he was completely naked. Aug 11, 5. We don't need any more places like Hooters, such garbage. Tumblr naked women at work. September 10, at 9:

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NamineAug 11, Mount Rushmore at night.

Bama Bikefest Nudity 18 pictures. Barbie naked sex. She met a military man who dragged her around the world. Great topics, great writing, great pics! THIS is how to party! About halfway through the week the stress got to me, and I got pretty sick with a sore throat and fever and whatnot.

Even the cowboys came to town to check it out. I roll around town in a truck stocked with a Breathalyzer and a swizzle stick, a spare pair of panties and two stun guns. It took the two of them to get him out of the tent and they proceeded to beat his ass as his naked ass was running away.

A word to all you craigslist-bashers: IRMacGuyverAug 11, A dude on a motorcycle goes by our camp, and he was completely naked. Sturgis Girls 30 pictures. Yep That was pretty WTF for me as well, but that story is for another day! Redwood Run Biker Chicks 25 pictures. They all went to stay with the lady who ran the modeling agency after that, so now it was just Blondie and Craig and me. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Craig picked us up, and. And the other girl was complaining about her promo modeling shifts.

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This one drunken redneck told me to whip his friend, so I did — but when the friend turned to look at me with a delighted grin, I saw that the whole right side of his face was swollen up from being punched — he was one of the fighters! Firebrand64Aug 11, Either way, the later it got, the more wasted everyone got, and we made our best money between the hours of 10pm-1am.

I thought Vegas was a party town; I stand corrected. Black girl gets ass licked. Naked in sturgis. First day of work. QuorkZAug 11, Or something like that.

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Young mexican girls fucking I don't blame her though she was probably conditioned to have low self esteem by a domineering male. HoboClippings , Aug 11, Check Out Coccozella Now!
Samus aran naked pics These guys came in in the middle of the night and just about ran us over!! The first day we went in, I dressed fairly conservatively. A week-long, completely crazy street party, with tons of completely nude, body painted folks of all shapes and sizes.
Sexy candy girl Join me on Twitter! Up around 10am, shower and coffee and get ready.
Free lesbian pornstar videos After learning many Italian swear words, Jennie returned home to Rapid City, plus a couple of kids, but minus a husband.
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