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Optic jewel naked

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It sucks, but that's how the world works. Sexy girl adidas. And we chastized him. Optic jewel naked. Did she ever go to events? This is like when my Christian friend tried to tell me that evangelicals aren't all Christians.

Its all good man, like I said its all subjective in the long run of how you look at things. I watched like 5 minutes of her stream and her boyfriend said "Hecz won't care". I'm talking from a neutral standpoint and I don't think the way Hecz handled it was good, especially telling her over a skype message.

Merge onto I E Portions toll. She lives with her BF now, since she moved. Do you feel the same way about Crim potentially losing his license or perhaps MBoze texting while driving? I like to think has a secret cave in his house that he gets to through pulling a book from the bookcase and in there he has cameras of everything every Optic member is doing.

This message was created by a bot. She's done nothing to benefit OpTic since the sniping team ended, this was coming eventually and her streaming sex stories and underage drinking put the mail in the coffin. It helps you find inspiration for describing things. Naked selena g. What she did is the equivalent of a teen uploading a pic with a boyfriend or girlfriend on their Facebook which they have their family added.

Due to the way the algorithm works, the thesaurus gives you mostly related slang words, rather than exact synonyms. You see it all the time in sports, businesses, life at-large really. A better comparison would have been a DUI which is a criminal offense. It is only double standard if jewel was legal age. I feel like that plays a huge role in this.

But being kicked without warning or a second chance to let her earn her spot back? Her video's were dull and her comment section was full of filth.

I would think a temporary suspension or just a final warning would have sufficed and then if it happened again to kick her but I think this was too hasty of a move and I wish he would have gone about it differently but I guess it is what it is. In a lot of countries in Europe you can legally drink when you are I don't think anyone really scrutinizes her for drinking as a minor.

Some sponsors see something like that and they immediately drop the brand.

Optic jewel naked

I agree with her being punished for this but no second chance or anything baffles me. It may be an unpopular opinion but if anyone else in OpTic Mboze, for example since he's underage was caught doing that, they'd be given a second chance in a heartbeat. Jewel is the employee. I guarantee you he hasn't even watched the video yet. Dancing Girl Spike TV: Not going to put her down any further or even comment on if I think Hecz did the right thing or not.

I don't want this to become a bashing MBoze thread again, but I feel like he would and could get away with so much.

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It helps you find inspiration for describing things. The sessions naked. Remember when he reported "addy crim"?

And what about his apparent alcoholism? This sub was pissed. Easily one of our best kept secrets. Drinking under age is a criminal offense. S and also telling her chat that she'll do shots for donations. Due to the way the algorithm works, the thesaurus gives you mostly related slang words, rather than exact synonyms. Now that was fucked up. I'm sorry, but streaming is Jewel's JOB. I'm not surprised Hector had to drop her. Hopefully the related words and synonyms for " term " are a little tamer than average.

New viewers could watch this and think Optic Gaming is very unprofessional. Torture of naked women. Optic jewel naked. Dancing Girl Spike TV: Go into work drunk or talking about sex to customers and see how far that will get you. However, underage drinking is a crime in the US and there's literally proof of it on video. Yeah but that's reality for you, sometime there are no second chances. Both are not the right thing to do just to me one is a criminal misdemeanor while the other is a traffic ticket which is why I think Hecz made the right call.

And the cherry on top of all this stupidity, is that she said if you keep donating I will go more indebt with this sex story. Like she said, she has always been professional and never made a bad name for OpTic, I just think she should've had a 2nd chance.

And seeing as how that was the first thing she mentioned, that was likely the biggest factor. Tamanna naked pics. You guys children entertainers now? I think this has been coming for a while now. Vulgar, hateful or sexually explicit comments have no place on this site.

Flames video was PG13 at best. The studio in Red Hook Brooklyn handled post production and visual effects. I would consider that if Jewel wants to be on OG then she has a boss, which would be Hecz.


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